• LS1be: Nothing remains as it was

    In their May issue, the German high profile magazin Audio Flatscreen Journal (of former ‘Audio’ editor-in-chief Joachim Pfeiffer) published a r… read more

  • LS1be a must hear

    Fritz Fey of Studio Magazin in Germany was totally blown away when he reviewed the LS1be. Please taste a bit of his enthusiasm in our English trans… read more

  • LS1be: 'Listen to the source'

    Dutch leading hifi magazine HVT did a review of the LS1be. Marnix Bosman was seriously impressed. He writes about a particularly difficult referenc… read more

  • LS1be wins Alpha Audio Approved Award

    The LS1be was selected by Jaap Veenstra of Alpha Audio as his personal "pick of the year" and it therefore received an "Alpha Audio Approved" Award… read more

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