Audio Video: Best active high-end speaker award 2021/2022 for LS1a

The Polish hifi and high-end audio magazin Audio Video just released its “Best of the year 2021/2022” list and offered this year’s award for active high-end speakers to the LS1a! In the words of editor in chief Filip Kulpa: 

“If we were to identify high-end loudspeakers that made the greatest impression on us last year, it would be these – quite unusual-looking – speakers from the Netherlands. […]

We refer to our opinion, published in AV 10/2021, which summarizes the values ​​and concept of ​​the Grimm speaker well: The LS1a demonstrate that there is one common goal for all high-end audio systems. This goal is to strive for an objective, uncolored representation of music in a way that captivates the listener with its naturalness in stead of exaggeration. […]

Despite their far-advanced linearity and resolution, the active Grimms do not sound ‘technical’, they do not just follow the ruler to achieve their goal. The contrary, they are not pushy at all – they sound silky and exceptionally coherent. […] They are like a freshly washed, perfectly transparent window through which we look at a beautiful landscape in the sunshine. Concepts such as light, dark, warm, cold have no practical meaning here.”

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