CC1 wins the AEX Award for the second time!

The CC1mk2 has won the Japanese AEX Audio Excellence Award 2020 of Ongen Publishing. This is a unique achievement since the mk1 version of the CC1 also won this prestigious award, in 2009. The CC1 is likely the only product that won the award two times with an interval of more than 10 years. 

The review was published in the Audio Accessory magazine where the CC1mk2 was reviewed next to his CC2 sibling. Journalist Takashi Iwai writes: “Performance upgrades were found every time when adding these master clocks to the existing system. The CC1mk2 is equipped with a slave function, so equipment without WordClock inputs can take advantage of the CC1mk2 by connecting it in the AES/EBU connection between the transport and DAC for its superior Jitter Cleanup function. The resulting digital audio playback enhancement raises the bar to another dimension.”

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