LS1be nominated “Most outstanding audio product of 2016”

LS1be best product 2016

The Dutch consumer electronics ‘comparison’ site (founded in 2006, 1032 own reviews per year, 600,000 unique visitors every month) has rewarded the LS1be with a “top 5” position in their “most outstanding audio and TV product of the year” competition. Within the top 5 there were just two audio products present. The verdict of Tom Haze of in translation:

“This Dutch manufacturer aims high. Outside the Netherlands we already saw reviews in which the speakers were praised into the heavens. The German ‘Audio’ magazine judged the original Grimm LS1 as the best they tested in 35 years. The word ‘science fiction’ was mentioned, and not because of its form. Where high-end speakers sometimes resemble spaceships, these speakers from Grimm look pretty normal and would fit perfectly into any living room. They will probably not fit into everyone’s budget at about 36,000 euros.”

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