We Share Your Passion – Jan-Hendrik and Ineke Van Steensel

Ineke and Jan-Hendrik Steensel allowed us to take some pictures of the LS1be system in their living room and also photograph Jan-Hendrik for a promotion picture. They told us what made them decide to buy the LS1be.

Jan-Hendrik: “For us, music is something to enjoy together. It is one of those things that connects us. We rarely go to concerts or festivals on our own. And even at home we often listen side by side.”

“Our choice for the LS1 was rooted in the desire to make one final investment in sound quality.” Ineke: “I like the design very much; they are pretty large speakers, but due to their flat design and open structure they offer a sense of space. And of course we were both caught by their beautiful sound! Is it ‘dry’..? No that’s not the right word. Rather ‘warm’. A very clear sound without added flavors. The last CD of Leonard Cohen, for example, sounds great on the LS1’s.”

Jan-Hendrik: “The LS1 provides an intense musical experience. The rendering of details leads to a unique refinement in the sound of instruments. Ultimately, the emotional expression of the music is experienced deeper. On my voyage of discovery into music I like to walk off the beaten track, I am open to new encounters. That is of course also possible via a silly earphone, but when sound really matters – listening at home – the LS1 helps me with enriching the marvel.”

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