A day in interior design heaven

Just Haasnoot has an eponymous interior design shop in Wassenaar that just breathes inspiration. Every piece of furniture he has on display is a classic. We were truly delighted when Just offered us a full day photo shoot in his shop.

So we brought our LS1 loudspeaker systems, and he helped us to carry anything we liked into our camera frame. It was a design dream come true and we love to share the pictures we took. So please enjoy a high res slide show by clicking on one of the thumbnails below. 

LS1 and LS1s LS1be and LS1s-dmf LS1be and LS1s-dmf stereo LS1 white LS1be and LS1s-dmf LS1

(And just for fun, we took a time lapse of the unpacking of our LS1 flight cases by Eelco and Hans…)

Just Haasnoot in his interior design shop