Anechoic corner

We love to present you the latest addition to our production and research tool set: an anechoic corner! With these professional acoustic foam wedges we can measure quasi-anechoically with great precision down to 100 Hz, with the loudspeaker under test still at a comfortable height for handling. 

There is a great story behind this project. When Eelco Grimm started teaching at HKU University of the Arts in 2000 the faculty was based in Hilversum in former premises of the Dutch broadcasting corporation and a big anechoic room was part of the campus. It served extraordinary well for both education and research (read this blog for an impression). Grimm Audio gratefully used the HKU anechoic room to develop the LS1. 

When HKU’s faculty Music & Technology moved to Utrecht in 2016, they could not re-build the anechoic room since the cost would be too high. So it was sadly demolished, but Eelco Grimm was able to safe as many wedges as fitted in the largest van he was allowed to drive. And now finally these were brought back ‘to life’ in our new premises. 

Our employees Hans van Bommel and Marco Schmidt made a great design and Marco went on like a professional carpenter. The result is stunningly beautiful. Can’t wait to start using it!

Marco Schmidt built our anechoic corner.