‘Missing Munich’ Playlists

The Munich High End show originally would be held at this moment, but is cancelled due to Corona. The show has been a yearly highlight for us for a long time. It is a great place to show our latest developments to the audience and always inspiring to meet so many people from all around the world. Hopefully we can be there again next year.

One of the nice aspects of doing shows is to prepare the demo music. I am always looking for music that both sounds great and is musically engaging. And when people are then touched by the songs and ask for the artist’s name, I feel connected to them. We all have to miss this experience now due to the Corona crisis and I therefore decided to put some of these songs in Tidal and Qobuz playlists so you can come to a ‘virtual Grimm Audio demo’ this time. 

While assembling these playlists it struck me again that although music streaming services have a vast catalog (5 million albums or so), many of my favorite tracks are absent. Also, I often prefer the older masters of 80’s and 90’s albums that are more dynamic, but the services just offer the latest remaster. And then of course the DSD files we play are only available in lower res on the streams. This underlines to me the importance of having a hybrid music catalog: partly via a streaming service and partly on local storage. The Roon system in my MU1 luckily offers a perfect integration of the two.

I assembled two playlists with demo favorites of mine, one for Tidal and one for Qobuz (the two high res services that are supported by Roon). They are not identical, because some of the songs were not available on both services. Like during our live demos, I intend to take the listener on a journey through all kinds of music styles and emotions. And yes, my music taste is very eclectic… I hope you like these tracks as much as I do!

Eelco Grimm

Grimm Demo Playlist on Tidal >

Grimm Demo Playlist on Qobuz >