Our factory in Eindhoven

Soon after we moved to our factory at the Egelstraat in Eindhoven, a former concrete factory, we realised that an inspiring ambience would aid our team in its operation and offer a professional impression to our visitors. So we reached out to interior designers Gerrit Vos and Toine Pennings of Workshop of Wonders in Utrecht. During his days as acoustic consultant, Eelco Grimm teamed up with them to design the Big Orange studios in Amsterdam, HKU Music & Technology studios in Utrecht, and a few other projects.

Big Orange Amsterdam: interior design by WoW, acoustic design by Eelco Grimm

We call Grimm Audio a ‘High-tech boutique’. We are relatively small, as a boutique company, but we manufacture highly sophisticated equipment, which most boutique companies don’t. The interior design could perhaps emphasize this vision. We told Gerrit and Toine that we were looking for an atmosphere with modern hints, but ‘timeless’ at the same time. If it would have an industrial look, it is because we are an industrial company, not because it is fashionable. We had limited resources at the time, so we would have to build it gradually, bit by bit. 

Recently we realised quite a few elements of the Workshop of Wonders design, so we thought it was time to share some of the results with you and introduce our factory in the slideshow below. This is where the magic is made.

The demo room of our factory.
A Mood Board for our factory by Workshop of Wonders.

The exterior of our factory at the Egelstraat in Eindhoven. The backdrop we used at tradeshows now decorates the assembly hall. Our famous 'cable dress' beautifies the office area. Marco Schmidt working on a batch of MU1's. This Audio Precision setup is used in production. We use a Microtech Gefell professional measurement mic in our speaker calibration process. Hans van Bommel working on the assembly of an LS1be system. Michiel Schriever is absorbed in his MU1 code. Our meeting room. The library couch. Library shelves with vintage books. Our famous 'Magic' couch in the demo room. The MU1 forms the heart of the demo room system. A view on the demo room from the back. The back of the demo room. Guido Tent's Centi-Are tube amp with 100 output tubes serves as wall art in the demo room.

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