MU1 v1.0 and SQM cable at X-fi show

At the large X-fi Premium Audio Show in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, we will demo the MU1 with its official ‘v1.0’ firmware. The beta period is now over and soon after the X-fi show the MU1 will be available for journalists and customers. Beta testers gave the MU1 “6 out of 5 stars”, which we consider a great achievement.

Responsible for the sound quality is our own developed fpga processor platform that offers superior upsampling and downsampling of your files, streams and digital sources such as CD transports. The famous low jitter clock of Grimm Audio guarantees perfect stability of tone and space. Every source will sound as high res with the MU1. 

Also new at the X-fi is our SQM cable. This cable optimizes the design philosophy behind the TPM and TPR products: minimize microphony and maximize shielding to reach an optimal transparency. Soon you will find more info about SQM on our website.

X-fi 2019 will take place in the weekend of September 28th/29th and Grimm Audio is in room 31. Please give us a visit and enjoy a great time.

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