Audiophile Magazine: MU2 best sound of Munich show

In their July issue, editor in chief Joel Chevassus of Audiophile Magazine grants our presentation in Munich a ‘best sound of show’ award. Translated from French:

“The second system that I would position on the highest podium of the show was demonstrated by Eelco Grimm, representing the Dutch manufacturer Grimm Audio. In Munich they introduced the MU2 music steramer. It is designed on basis of the MU1 transport, with an integrated DAC of their own design. This digital source was combined with two small vintage Pawel monitors that were supported by the SB1 subwoofer of the LS1 speakers, and prototype amplifiers that Grimm Audio used during the development of the MU2.

This DAC streamer, despite the minimalist system (of good quality but for a relatively modest budget compared to the other occupant of the first mark of my podium), really surprised me. The level of naturalness and resolution was staggering. With an estimated price of €18,000, this digital source is a real bomb, likely able to beat all of the most expensive sources of the moment.

Grimm Audio already had an excellent base with the MU1, but the MU2 just looks exceptional. I’m really looking forward to being able to test it, maybe by the end of this year because the first units should arrive on the market around October.”

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