Introducing…. the LS1be!


At the Munich High End show Grimm Audio will introduce three new products. The most prominent novelty is the LS1be. This top class music playback system features a new ultra light Berylium tweeter with a CNC milled aluminium waveguide, jointly developed by Grimm Audio and Seas. We selected Hi-Macs for the new cabinets, a modern and very rigid material, and it looks great too!

For the low end we added the new LS1s-dmf subwoofer. Mechatronics expert Rob Munnig Schmidt developed a Digital Motional Feedback system that, by means of feedback from an accelerometer on the cone, reduces distortion by a staggering 30 times. This leads to a clean, tight and natural bass that is the perfect partner for the delicacy and precision of the Berylium tweeter. The full LS1be system brings the listener again closer to an experience of total transparency, which is our company’s ultimate goal.

To bring the LS1 quality to a broader audience, Grimm Audio introduces the LS1a. This is a more cost effective sibling of the LS1, where the company focussed on maintaining all important aspects that make the LS1 sound so special, and compromising only in areas where this was passable.

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