LevelViewS now available in the Avid Store

LevelViewS in Avid Store

BeatRig’s Grimm Audio LevelViewS is a light weight EBU R128 & ATSC A/85 loudness meter, optimised for short program material (like commercials, leaders, bumpers, etc) and the music industry.

When your program is short, you just want a clear view of the most important loudness parameters: Integrated Program Loudness, Short Term Loudness, Momentary Loudness and True Peak level. LevelViewS offers the clearest view of these levels, guiding you to hit the target level always. The unique ‘follow DAW’ function makes your life easier: it automatically updates the result when changing just part of your mix. No need for re-measuring the whole program.

The handsome LevelViewS loudness meter is a professional tool for a bargain price. Download it straight from the Avid Store.

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LevelViewS in Avid Store