MU1 V1.1 firmware released

We love to inform you that the V1.1 firmware of our MU1 Music Player has been released, making the MU1 a truly mature product. Although the initial firmware clearly demonstrated the unique capabilities of the MU1 and its FPGA upsampler, there were still some important features missing. This is all solved now.

First of all we added native support of DXD, DSD128 and DSD256 file formats, so the MU1 owner can now enjoy the quality of the upsampler also for downsampling. High res formats sound better than ever on a Grimm Audio LS1, and also on 3rd party DACs because they can now profit from the MU1’s low jitter clock source. Since our downsampler minimizes the sound quality differences between file formats, the advantage of a low jitter clock source becomes higher than the disadvantage of a lower sample rate.

For these 3rd party DACs we added volume control to the Digital Out 2 of the MU1. This volume control runs in our FPGA at extremely high quality. To find an analogue volume control with better performance is a real challenge. We also added a stand-by function that is conveniently accessible from the main menu. A new ‘support mode’ facilitates location service by engineers from our factory who can access a MU1 in the field to perform checks and repairs, in case something got damaged in a system. Last but not least the MU1 display offers a smoother and more responsive user experience. 

If you own a MU1 and read this, please check out our MU1 update instruction sheet >  

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The MU1 manual has also been updated.

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