MU2 firmware update v0.9.6

A firmware update for the MU2 has been released. Version V0.9.6 solves an important issue that affected users who updated to Roon’s latest version (build 1365) and need to reset their database. So it is recommended for all users to run the update.

Apart from a few bug fixes there are also some new features. In response to demand from customers who use external preamplifiers we added a fixed volume option. The MU2 volume can be set to the level of choice and this level can then be fixed from within the GRUI web interface. Another nice feature is that if you press play in the Roon app, the MU2 will switch to Roon and start playing, even if another source was selected. For a full overview of all the improvements, please read the MU2 Change Log document

All users please note: during an MU2 update the display and power led can dim or halt while the unit is busy and it is very important to leave the MU2 on until it ‘wakes up’ automatically. This can take up to 15 minutes or even longer. Please wait patiently.

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