New employees Gertjan Groot Hulze and Pieter Meijer

Those who read the MU1 introduction blog “The MU1 speeches” have noticed the contribution of two external people: Gertjan Groot Hulze and Pieter Meijer. Their work on fpga upsampling has been vital for the sound quality of the MU1, which is seen as groundbreaking. Gertjan and Pieter investigated the impact of digital audio filter calculations on sound quality for many years before they saw the opportunity to present their work to the world via Grimm Audio. Some months ago they told us that they would love to join our team officially as part time engineers and we grabbed this opportunity with both hands. Please meet Pieter and Gertjan:

Pieter Meijer

Electrical and systems engineer. Interested in all things technical, mechanical and electronical from the age of 12. Loves many kinds of music and enjoys beautiful sounds in general. After a bachelor in Information Technology, he started a career in car radio reception technologies. Audio always remained a dear hobby, which led to building active loudspeaker systems and recording classical music events with self designed or modified equipment. Autodidact car mechanic. Interested in photography as well. Always looking for creative or unorthodox ways to improve systems.

Gertjan Groot Hulze

Signal processing and system engineer. Bought a CD player in its introduction year with the savings from his newspaper route. Soon started modifying and looking for further improvements of the sound quality. The focus shifted to sonic differences between CD oversampling filters, and when fpga-boards became more affordable this really took off. An EE study at the Technical University Eindhoven led to work in the field of hifi-videorecorder and car radio system development, with a focus on mixed-signal integrated circuits. Considers audio development to be a journey of exploration and discovery of the human perception. Strives to get ‘everything’ out of music reproduction. Enjoys hiking and biking in his spare time.