Still open

Like the rest of the world, The Netherlands has halted abruptily to conquer the Corona Covid-19 virus outbreak. Grimm Audio fortunately is still in full operation. Our facility is large enough for all personnel to respect the 1.5m distance that everyone has to maintain and if anyone has the slightest hint of not feeling well he stays home. Where possible people work from home. 

Our webshop is open and our dealers are becoming creative with focussed single person demos in their shops. In this bizarre period of social isolation, music offers a welcome comfort and distraction from the daily news updates. Customers tell us that they love the fact that with our systems and cables they feel closely connected to the musicians, which at least partly compensates for the lack of seeing them live. If this can be our support to you in these difficult times, we feel honored.

Yesterday two movie industry friends of Grimm Audio finished a short film “Meanwhile in Amsterdam” that we like to share with you. It shows the unbearable quietness that has taken possession of our main city Amsterdam. Anyone who ever visited Amsterdam will become silent watching these images. They were taken on Saturday March 21st between 8AM and 2PM, a time where the area around the Central Station normally is like a beehive of people. Thanks to Rik Meier (sound engineer) and Jean Counet (director and cinematographer).