We support 30 years of Channel Classics

Dutch classical music record label Channel Classics celebrates its 30 year anniversary with a present to all members of the English leading classical music magazine Gramophone. With this month’s edition they all receive an SACD of 13 tracks that were personally selected from Channel Classics’ vast catalog by Gramophone’s editor in chief James Jolly. Many of these were recorded with the Grimm Audio AD1 AD converter, and mastered with Jared’s LS1 surround system. We are so grateful to have contributed to this incredible musical treasure. This truly fulfills the original goals we had as a company.

16 years ago, Grimm Audio was founded by a group of friends who were all captivated by the impact that audio electronics has on the emotional connection to music. We imagined that by dedicating our knowledge to the development of sonically transparent tools for audio engineers and music lovers, our knowledge would multiply and serve the enjoyment of many people. Our first product was the AD1, Jared was one of our first customers, and from day one he showed how to make beautiful art with talent, dedication and the right tools. Congratulations and thank you so much, Jared!

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