• Hifi.nl reviews LS1a

    Major Dutch online hifi magazine hifi.nl just published the LS1a review that journalist Jan de Jeu did for printed magazine Music Emotion. He wrote… read more

  • LS1be review by Hong Kong Hifi Review

    Hong Kong Hi-End audio magazine Hifi Review published a grand review of the LS1be plus DMF subs in June. One month later they released the review … read more

  • LS1a moves Dutch reviewer

    Dutch magazine Music Emotion published a review of the LS1a in their ’summer edition’. Reviewer Jan de Jeu is very enthusiastic about the LS1a … read more

  • Everett Porter Master of Sound

    Friday June 29th our dealer in The Hague Chattelin Audio Systems has a very special 'Master of Sound' event: famous classical music engineer/produc… read more

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