#1 Cannot log into Roon after database reset.

After you performed a database reset you cannot login to Roon. Instead you are forwarded to the Roon login page. After returning to the Roon remote there is no response.

To resolve this issue, please update your MU2 to firmware version V0.9.6 or higher. 

#2 Playback sounds distorted with Roon at volume ‘100’.

When using an external preamplifier and using the MU2 with fixed volume at the maximum Roon setting of ‘100’, distortion occurs on some music.

The MU2 has 8 dB of exces gain at the top of the scale. This is intended to only be used with soft sources and can cause clipping with loud sources. The display of the MU2 shows “+8 dB” when Roon is set to 100. When using the MU2 with an external preamplifier, please do not use levels above ’92’ in Roon, which equals “0 dB” on the MU2 display.

#3 MU2 stuck during update.

In case your MU2 display blanks, freezes or shows a white screen for more than 30 minutes during the update process, please unplug the power cable and plug it back in. The software is built in such a way that if the process did not finish correctly, it will restart the update procedure after a power cycle.

Please make sure to not unplug a seemingly frozen unit within a period of 30 minutes after starting the update. It may still be busy with programming. So, note the time when you start the update process.

#4 MU2 internal drive not visible under Windows.

In some cases the MU2 internal SSD drive is not visible under Windows 10. The reason is that the ‘Bonjour’ service is not installed by default under Windows. Bonjour is used for so called zero-configuration networking, and it enables automatic discovery of devices such as the MU2. It will then show up in the Network File Explorer section of Windows 10 as a named network entity like ‘MU1-00xxxx’.

Solution: First you need to install the ‘Bonjour Print Services’. A download can be found by following this link from Apple.

Next you need to enable ‘SMBv1’. Unfortunately in Windows 10 the SMBv1 protocol is disabled by default as Microsoft sees it as a security risk. Mark that this risk does not apply for the MU2 due to the way it is set up.

If you are running Windows 10 Pro, Education or Enterprise you may need to adjust your Windows security settings. More information can be found here

Please follow the steps in the work instruction pdf below to install Bonjour and to enable SMBv1. Note that with every Windows 10 update the SMBv1 protocol may be disabled again. In that case please follow the work instruction again.