Alpha Audio: MU2 in top 5 of 2023

Jaap Veenstra and Martijn ten Napel of the Dutch online hifi magazine Alpha Audio have put the MU2 in their ‘top 5 of 2023’ list. That decision was based on their experience with the MU2 at the High End Munich and its introduction to the Dutch dealers and press. But even more on the MU2 review that they are working on at this moment.

Jaap and Martijn could not resist to make a ‘preview’ video to show how much they are impressed by the MU2. Jaap said that he finds it difficult to write about the MU2 because it completely disappears sonically. It has no sound. It just removes all barriers between the music and the listener. And that is true both for the DAC and the built-in pre amplifier. Enjoy their nice conversation in this wonderful video.

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“It is so relaxing to listen to it.”

Jaap Veenstra – Alpha Audio, The Netherlands
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