Audiophile Magazine: SQM will just deliver the musical message

The French Audiophile Magazine published an in depth review of our SQM cable. Joël Chevassus was fan of our (discontinued) TPM cable and compares the two extensively. They appear to have a family character…

“On the recording of Winterreise performed by Noemi Waysfeld (vocals) and Guillaume de Chassy (piano) released by Klarthe, the Grimm SQM delivers a very natural result. The voice of the French singer is devoid of whistling and excessive brilliance. There is a little more reverberation on the high notes of the piano with the TPM model. The stereo image on the other hand feels a bit wider with SQM than it does with TPM. But it’s especially the voice that appears fuller and smoother with the SQM, with the TPM making a higher pitched voice appear slightly less nuanced in the midrange. 


The Grimm SQM confirms the Dutch manufacturer’s position in the niche of high-end equipment at reasonable prices. Compared to the previous Grimm TPM, the new SQM presents both a certain continuity while significantly evolving in its versatility ‘vis-à-vis’ the rest of the components of a Hi-Fi system. The smoothness of the SQM makes it perhaps just as drastic a choice as its predecessor. It will not wake up a system in search of renewed vigor, it will not bring additional realism or special effects. No, it will just deliver the musical message with a lot of honesty and rigor, very far from a search for compensation. A straight link like TPM, but in another style, more relaxed, and less glossy. The value for money remains unchanged, far above the lot of audiophile cables from the grand manufacturers of High End…”

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“The value for money remains unchanged, far above the lot of audiophile cables.”

Joël Chevassus, Audiophile Magazine
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