Audiotechnique: “The LS1be has poisoned me!”

Journalist Pu Dong of Hong Kong printed magazine Audiotechnique was overwhelmed by the LS1be performance. He tries to find words, gets poetic and writes that “he will forget the taste of meat for three months”, which refers to the famous Book 7 of the Analects of Confucius, in which Confucius wrote that he forgot the taste of meat for three months after a particularly beautiful performance of Shao music that he witnessed in the state of Qi. 

Pu Dong: “During my listening session I tried many different vocals tracks, and also very dynamic music, symphonies, jazz, drums, etc. My first feeling was that the rendering of the sound has zero coloration, and is very clean and correct. I’ve listened very carefully, but I cannot hear any noises or colorations. Without doubt, this is a powerful feature of LS1be’s high resolution DSP. I will describe it as extremely high-definition, “crystal clear”. 

Compared to similar quality level speakers I have heard, the LS1be offers the beauty of an unveiled Middle East princess in full transparency. At the same time, the pure power of the LS1be is amazing as well, almost capable of demolishing the house. When listening to large classical symphonies, the entire stage comes to life. The most inestimable in this regard is the companion LS1s-dmf woofer, that is like a “moon cake jar”. It looks like a modest 10 inch driver in a small enclosure, but it is “UNBELIEVABLY STRONG”! Just listen to “First Drum” by Yan Xuemin with its sturdy heartbeat effect!

In addition to all this, the Grimm LS1be’s have a musical and warm midrange that is thick but very clean, which is my favourite character. I have been poisoned! When I got home, I missed its beautiful voice very much. In fact, after I listened to the LS1be, I was confused for several days. Its character is so beautiful, I want to bring it home with me immediately.”

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“Its character is so beautiful, I want to bring it home with me immediately.”

Pu Dong, Audiotechnique
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