German ‘AUDIO’ raves about LS1

AUDIO LS1 review May 2013

“Sensation in the measurement and listening room” states the largests German hifi magazine, ’AUDIO’ on the cover page. Their measurement paragraph concludes: “The LS1 shows an excellent time and frequency response that rather reminds of electronic circuits and not of speakers”. The graphs show an exemplary waterfall and step response. “The midrange shows almost no distortion even at 100 dB SPL. There is no compression at 100 dB”.

Editor in chief Bernhard Rietschel wrote: “Their natural sound and their unimposing, deep trueness kept overwhelming me and my colleagues”. The article concludes: “The LS1 is by far the best speaker that AUDIO had the pleasure of reviewing in over 35 years; this especially in the two crucial audiophile disciplines of neutrality and detail reproduction.”

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