HifiPig: 5 Hearts for LS1be & MU1

The UK based online magazine with the illustrious name “Hifi Pig” did a review of the LS1be & MU1 system. Stuart Smith loved it as an end-game system for audiophiles that outgrow their box fetishes. He offered it “5 Hearts”!

Below is a short excerpt, please read the full article here.

“What I loved about this system was that it just worked out of the box without any fannying about with settings, though there is that option should you wish via the DSP settings. There’s no preferred kind of music this system will play well and what I think is accurately; from Sleaford Mods to Fleetwood Mac and a lot more in-between, the Grimm system is unflustered and just gets on with the job in hand. (…)

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Grimm system. From the top to bottom of the frequency spectrum it just sounded “right” and that it wasn’t emphasising stuff that needn’t be and shouldn’t be emphasised – it’s a system that isn’t out to initially impress with sonic fireworks and instead aims (and succeeds) to deliver a sober and “proper” representation of whatever music you choose to play through it. (…)

If you are a music lover that wants a fit-and-forget system, and has the funds, then you may as well see the Five Hearts as an Editor’s Choice.”

“From the top to bottom of the frequency spectrum it just sounded ‘right’.”

Stuart Smith, HifiPig