Lowbeats: MU1 opens up new musical worlds

After a very positive experience with the LS1be, German Lowbeats editor Jürgen Schröder became curious for the MU1. In his recent MU1 review he did a comparative listening test and often found these two words in his notes: “clearly better”.

“The music played from the MU1 sounded more defined, direct, tangible, more colorful, with sharper contours, and more engaging than with the Lumin U1.“


“In terms of sound it may seem a rather subtle effect, but musically wise it is all the more lasting. We heard more clarity, richness of detail and transparency; in other words: the veil is lifted more. All types of music benefit from this – even music that’s only partially seen as typical for hi-fi listening. Many young musicians these days deliberately use artificial distortion effects or granular synthesis as stylistic tools. Such fine textures, reproduced by average hi-fi systems – or even more blatant: Bluetooth speakers – either disappear completely or sound more like a defect than as music. As an exemplary transparent audio component on the other hand, the Grimm Audio MU1 opens up completely new musical worlds for the listener with these tracks. Once you heard it, there is no way around it anymore.”

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“Once you heard it, there is no way around it anymore.”

Jürgen Schröder, Lowbeats
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