MU1 astonishes customer

Sometimes we receive great emails with praise from our customers. That is always heart-warming and we share them with our whole team. This time the message was so wonderful that we asked for permission to share it with our full audience. It filled us with great joy and proud. We very much hope that all our customers may experience similar joy in this festive season as mr. Schets. May the year 2022 bring everyone luck and health, and many moments of musical pleasure. 

“I own a MU1 for one week now and I come to tell you that I am very satisfied. As a matter of fact, the leap in my music experience is astonishing. A true delight!

Initially I was a bit sceptic about the improvement I would hear, because the MU1 mostly operates in the digital domain and performs some magic “tricks”. I am now completely amazed at what it does. I expected subtle improvements of the same size as, for example, better speaker cables or interlinks. But it can rather be compared to a complete upgrade of your speakers to a next level high-end type.

All music, whether from internal disk or from Tidal or Qobuz, sounds much more open, distinct, detailed in the high end, tight and more tangible. Very musical. In addition, the difference between ‘flat sounding’ CD recordings and high quality ones is a lot smaller now.


This satisfied customer wanted to share this with you. I work at ASML, a company we can be proud of in The Netherlands. In my opinion the same is true for Grimm Audio.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you.”

Sicco Schets, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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“I am completely amazed at what the MU1 does.”

Sicco Schets, Eindhoven, The Netherlands