Rediscovering music with the LS1 and MU1

There’s nothing like feedback from a happy customer. We receive praise from our users regularly and that very much drives us as a team. This time we received a message that really touched us and so we asked the sender if he’d allow us to share it with the world. We’re very happy he said yes.

“Ben van Lelieveld and Marc Bosman from Listening Matters came all the way to Denmark to install my system (LS1+LS1s+MU1) yesterday. Marc and Ben gave justice to your products, took the time to install the system properly, provided us with a burn-in playlist and we listened to some music together over a pizza. I could see how happy they are to work with your products.

We are astonished, fascinated, in love with the LS1v2 system. We bought it based on reviews, without having heard the system in a shop, so we were a bit worried.

Now we are rediscovering our music. We’ve been listening to the system for the entire day without feeling fatigue at any time. We’ve heard details we’ve never heard before, even with high end headsets. The precision, the pure neutrality, the wide soundstage, the bass depth and definition… 

I am not a sound engineers, but all of the sudden all those words used by the reviewers made sense. We feel like the performers are in the room, or that we are within the instruments…

It’s mind blowing, thank you for providing us with so much joy and intense music emotions.”

Remi Marcelli, Silkeborg, Denmark

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