Sound on Sound: UC1 sounds good!

Sound on Sound’s Hugh Robjohns took our UC1 to test and was very happy with the results. He writes about all the special features of the UC1 at length, and explains not just what these features are, but also why you would want them. But most of all he gets excited about the sound quality of the UC1.

“There are many high‑end converters that boast excellent specifications — but this one sounds good too!


Based on both the measured technical performance and extensive listening tests, I can say confidently that the UC1 is of professional mastering quality. There are a few high-end products that achieve slightly better technical measurements in some areas, but the overall sound quality of the UC1 as a USB interface is genuinely excellent. 


The UC1 is very capable and offers a wide range of customisable facilities through its menu system. Its technical performance is very good, and it sounds great too — that’s an important point, since in my experience those two things do not always go hand in hand! I enjoyed using the UC1, and in straightforward interface/monitoring setups it works extremely well, with a good range of connectivity.” 

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“The UC1 is of professional mastering quality”

Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound
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