SoundStage! Australia: MU1 sounds “alive”

Grimm Audio sets foot on Australian soil. We have a new distributor ‘down under’: Advance Audio in Leichhardt near Sydney. And the first Australian MU1 review is out. And what a review it is! Tom Waters of SoundStage! Australia was so impressed that he bought his review unit (it seems like becoming a habit of MU1 reviewers).

“The Grimm Audio MU1 is the first electronic component I’ve come across that sounds so very much alive. By alive I don’t mean that it sounds like live music – I don’t think we’ll ever get to where a big orchestra playing in a huge concert hall can be convincingly scaled down into a Hi-Fi system in a considerably smaller room. And it isn’t just the sense of scale, but also the tonal balance and dynamics.

All that said, the Grimm Audio MU1 sounds so alive in that it is so incredibly vibrant and joyful to listen to, so transparent with extremely high resolution, so tonally balanced, so fluid, so dynamic. And yet it does all this without any glare or harshness – it always sounds like music; music you can listen to for hours on end without fatigue. The MU1 draws you into the music so that you do feel a real emotional connection. A number of times I was quite moved by the music [read… tears in the eyes]. That it could do that to this somewhat jaded audiophile is quite amazing.

So yes, I really liked it. So much so that I’m buying it. The “ultimate digital music source” gets a very solid recommendation.”

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“The MU1 is so incredibly vibrant and joyful to listen to.”

Tom Waters, SoundStage! Australia
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