Steve Huff: “MU1 is Digital Nirvana”

Steve Huff runs a very personal online review blog for many years. “Reviews from the heart” is his credo and that’s the case without any doubt. Initially Steve focused on cameras and lenses, but since a few years he mainly writes about audiophile equipment. The MU1 for sure triggered his heart… Please enjoy some excerpts below but don’t forget to read the full review

“Up front I will state that The Grimm MU1 Music Streamer and Server is another one of those rare “special” pieces that sit amongst the most pleasing I have experienced in HiFi. (…) I have never heard digital music sound quite like this, and I have heard some pretty snazzy setups that cost much more than the Grimm does.” (…)

“I have learned one thing for sure and this is that the Grimm makes a real and very true “Holy Wow” kind of change to my digital music enjoyment. It’s not a shocking night and day thing initially but it is one of those pieces that you appreciate more and more over time. If you take it out of your system after a few weeks or months of using it, YOU WILL NOTICE it is gone! YOU WILL miss it!” (…)

“The Grimm seems to have upgraded the sound of my DAC, my Amp and my Speakers. The sound coming from the Grimm into a Denafrips Terminator Plus DAC is without question the best I have ever heard digital music sound, and better than any Analog I have ever heard as well. This is stunning to me. (…) The details are all here but they are delicate, airy and so present with some texture and foundation to each detail. The sound for sure sounds more “analog” which to me means richer, deeper, and more soul touching. There is absolutely zero sign of digital hash, strain or constriction with the Grimm in place. Wow.” (…)

The Grimm MU1 is the real deal. A special piece made with love, care and passion in the Netherlands. For me, this is as good as digital gets. (…) If you want to just enjoy the music and never think about what streamer can improve your music further, take a look at the Grimm my friends. The MU1 is the finest music streamer I have ever encountered when it comes to sound quality and it is also quite striking in design. It is expensive but it does deliver the goods if your system is up to the same level as the Grimm.”

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“Without question the best I have ever heard digital music sound, and better than any Analog I have ever heard as well.”

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