Studio Magazin rave review of LS1

Studio Magazin LS1 review 2010

Germany’s main professional audio magazine Studio Magazin gave the LS1 an ‘A plus’ in their very positive review. To cite author Fritz Fey:

“After 30 years of editorship I thought I ran out of superlatives. ‘Fairylike’ however never was among them but I could not find a better wording to describe a studio monitor that is equally suited as source of pleasure as for reference use. (…) We listened to pop, rock, jazz and classical music in random order and were always offered the same experience of exceptional naturalness, musicality and tonal purity. (…)

I have rarely auditioned a loudspeaker that can sound so beautiful and at the same time is so unsparing on bad source material. (…) The goal of Grimm Audio to develop a loudspeaker that simply sounds ‘right’, has been reached to extreme high level. (…) Anyone who cares for uncompromised audio quality should get to know the LS1.” 

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