Super AV: UC1 sounds analog

The Shanghai Super AV magazine published an extensive review of our UC1 converter. Although its main target group is professional audio engineers, the sound quality of the UC1 gets more and more recognition from audiophiles, and because of that we can deliver a ‘hifi version’ without rack ears. Journalist Hong Lau gets excited…

“The most memorable thing is the sense of presence in the sound. The famous “Jazz at the Pawnshop” record is great to show this kind of effect. I played it from a notebook into the back USB input. The UC1 showed very high analytical powers and was able to restore the surrounding scene wonderfully, presenting the cheers and noises in a natural way, without any exaggeration. (…) it was just like listening to analog sound.

We continued to play the track “Tutti” to judge the classical and symphonic richness on strings. (…) The UC1 again showed lots of details. The strings sound open and the subtle sound of friction between the strings and the bow is clearly reproduced. The horns sound warm and full of power. When the full orchestra plays a big fortissimo, the details are quite surprisingly still there. The ultra-high frequencies don’t become harsh, on the contrary, they are pleasing to the ears. And the stereo image of each instrument in different positions is clearly reproduced. (…)

The Grimm UC1 somehow conveys magical emotion with vocal sounds. With orchestral works the playback quality has extreme dynamics with lightningly fast transients… (…)

Even though the UC1 has a lot of features such as professional mastering loops, fast locking digital input/output re-clocking, Grimm’s famous word clock connections, a digital preamp/DAC combo, excellent headphone monitoring and two USB connections, the quality of its DA converters alone is already worth the price.”

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“The Grimm UC1 somehow conveys magical emotion with vocal sounds.”

Hong Lau, Super AV magazine, Hong Kong
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