Super AV magazine: “The LS1be transfers the original emotion of the music performance”

Super AV LS1be review

The Hongkong magazine Super AV reviewed the LS1be plus its LS1s-DMF subwoofers and was blown away by its sound quality. Please read some translated fragments from the six page review: 

“This LS1be & LS1s-DMF listening system not only refreshes your understanding of today’s audio technology, but also sounds the alarm for the classic brands that still drive the old technology route. (…) This is what speakers should look and sound like in the 21st century!”

“When I continued to listen, the sound of the system never disappointed me. It is so natural and high quality that it allowed me to fall into the mood of the music from the beginning, and feel the emotional expression of the whole production.”

“The small LS1s-DMF subwoofer is so accurate, fast and clear. It has none of the shortcomings that many subwoofers have, it is very clear and strong and plays very low.” 

“If one plays true recordings, the LS1be will make you feel the original emotion of the music performance. In fact, this is the original reason you wanted to buy audio! No doubt the LS1be & LS1s-dmf system opens the curtain for high-end audio into the 21st century.”

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