The MU1 is a ‘Goosebumps Inductor’

MU1 Goosebumps Experience chart

MU1 customer FredM wrote an ‘objective review’ of the MU1 on the webforum Audiophilestyle. He measured the amount of goosebumps he got per listening session and put them in a chart. 🙂

“This is probably the most fact based experience I can share with you*. The items on the bottom represent the listening sessions, the value per bar displays the number of goosebumps per session. I’ve never experienced this before, it’s great to have such an (emotional) connection with the music. With the MU1 I’m not listening technical and dissect a song, it’s about the joy of listening, where my foot starts tapping, etc. (*Disclaimer: I’m not a person with a notebook and pencil at hand during listening sessions, I would say it touches five on an average evening).

So perhaps the MU1 can best be described as a goosebump inductor, or as a pleasurability generator.”

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