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Apke Tontechnik

Guido Apke of Apke Tontechnik is our dealer in Essen, Germany.

ASAP Europe

Alan Stewart of ASAP Europe is our dealer in London, United Kingdom.

Athens Pro Audio

Chris Hatzistamou of Athens Pro Audio is our distributor for Greece.

Dezzer Music

Dirk Dorschewski of Dezzer Music is our pro dealer in Bielefeld, Germany.

Digital Audio Service

Stefan Goetsch of Digital Audio Service is our pro dealer in Hamburg, Germany.

Digital Audionetworx

Daniel Engelbrecht of Digital Audionetworx is our pro dealer in Berlin, Germany.

Elektroakustik Wagner

Hannes Wagner is our pro dealer in Vienna, Austria.

Hay Zeelen

Hay Zeelen sells our products in the Baleares (Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca).


Ulmt van der Linden of Helios is our dealer in Haarlem, The Netherlands

iDeal Audio

Matthias Aerts of iDeal Audio is our dealer in Werchter, Belgium.

Juke Box

Frédéric Perrin of Juke Box Ltd Benelux distributes our products to several dealers in France.

Maarten’s Sound & Vision

Lammert Wiersma of Maarten’s Sound & Vision is our dealer in Heerenveen, The Netherlands.

Magic Mastering

Frédéric Chaplain of Magic Mastering is our dealer in Clisson, France.

Mastering Mansion

Nick Litwin of Mastering Mansion is our dealer in Madrid, Spain.

Music Factory Studio Sales

Marc Ebermann of Music Factory Studio Sales is our dealer in Bremen, Germany.

One Tree

Jonathan Baker of One Tree is our pro dealer in Köln, Germany.

Peakhouse Audio

Björn Labsch of Peakhouse Audio is our dealer in Dortmund, Germany.

Pro Audio Gear

Holger Brinkmann of ProAudioGear is our pro dealer in Gross-Gerau, Germany.

North America

Front End Audio

Shane Selby of Front End Audio is our dealer in Irmo, United States.


Kevin Geist of Geistnote is our TPR assembly dealer in Mansfield, United States.

Pro Audio LA

Jason Hanan of Pro Audio LA is our dealer in Los Angeles, United States.

South America

Reso Mastering

Erick Urbina Toranzo of Reso Mastering is our TPR assembly dealer in Rancho San Francisco, Mexico.


Sound Tree

Minh Young Park of Sound Tree is our dealer in Seoul, South Korea

Square Wave Ltd

Kent Poon of Square Wave Ltd distributes our products in ChinaHong-Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.

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