The LS1a offers our LS1 series quality at a reduced price. All LS1’s embody our vision that ultimate sonic transparency can only be reached by integrating all components of the playback chain into one system. Only then, we have full control over the interaction of electronics, loudspeaker units and the acoustic behaviour of the cabinet. Grimm Audio’s deep knowledge about circuit design and component choice can then be optimally exploited.

"The LS1a possesses all the essential qualities and therefore performs at a true high end level in all key areas."

The LS1a possesses all these essential qualities and therefore performs at a true high end level in all key areas. By making some rational choices we were able to offer this quality at a significantly reduced price. Compared to the standard LS1, the LS1a has a non-magnesium woofer, a lighter foot plate, a lacquered cabinet plus we skipped some of the labor intensive modifications and the individual acoustic calibration of each LS1 cabinet.

What stayed are the low distortion and extremely linear amplitude and phase response. And of course the stylish appearance that is a gem in every interior. Just add a source and discover your music as new. Analog and digital sources like a phono pre, a CD transport or a media player are accepted by the LS1. With the optional USB audio interface, any computer can become your audio source. The LS1 controller allows convenient control of volume and source selection.

An LS1a covers the full frequency range as an elegant two way system. By adding an LS1s or even LS1s-dmf subwoofer set, the LS1a becomes a very low distortion three way loudspeaker that can handle all music styles in any size room. 

This speaker feels equally at home in recording studios and in living rooms. It serves as the ideal reference for artists and music lovers alike. More info can be found at the LS1 remote and the LS1s subwoofer page. 

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  • Product Code: LS1a (including LS1r Controller)
  • Availability: 2-3 Weeks
  • 14,050.00€

  • Ex Tax: 11,611.57€

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