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Athens Pro Audio

Chris Hatzistamou of Athens Pro Audio is our distributor for Greece.

Beter Beeld en Geluid

In Hilversum, The Netherlands Garmt van der Zel and Bjorn Mateijsen welcome you to their large listening room for a great demo. LS1be on demo.


Peter Chattelin in Den Haag, The Netherlands offers an excellent service in his well treated demo room. Don’t forget to ask for Chattelin’s highly regarded acoustic advice. LS1be on demo.

Duet Audio

Erik Becklund of Duet Audio distributes our HiFi products in Norway.

HiFi Mansion

Nick Litwin of HiFi Mansion is our dealer in Madrid, Spain mainland.


In München, Germany Reinhard Weidinger of Hörzone has a lot of expertise in acoustics and active loudspeakers. LS1be on demo.

Max Schlundt

Max Schlundt of Kultur Technik, Berlin, Germany, welcomes you “im Stilwerk” for a great demo of music and audio. LS1be on demo.

My Sound

Wolfgang Linhard of My Sound in Starnberg, Germany specializes in a carefully selected catalog of products. LS1be on demo.

Perfect Sense

Marcus Fordal of Perfect Sense welcomes you in his wonderful large showroom in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sound Galleries

Geoffrey Armstrong of Sound Galleries takes care of our sales in Monaco.

The Sound of Science

Dominik Schumacher puts our LS1 first rank in Hamburg, Germany. Be sure to get great advice on sound and acoustics from him. LS1be on demo.

South America

Cone Audio

Fernando Alvim Richard of Cone Audio is our distributor for Brazil.



Shoji Sakaguchi of AZ Audio is our dealer in Nagoya, Japan.

Sound Tree

Minh Young Park of Sound Tree is our dealer in Seoul, South Korea

Square Wave Ltd

Kent Poon of Square Wave Ltd distributes our products in ChinaHong-Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.

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