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Absolute Sound

KK and JK of Absolute Sound distribute our products in India.

Square Wave Ltd

Kent Poon of Square Wave Ltd distributes our products in ChinaHong-Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.


Shoji Sakaguchi of AZ Audio is our dealer in Nagoya, Japan.

Sound Tree

OriJin of Sound Tree is our dealer in Seoul, South Korea

Swedish Statement Audio

Koo Shiuh Yuan of Swedish Statement Audio is our dealer in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Project Perfection

Desmond Tan of Project Perfection in Singapore runs a shop with selected high end head-fi and loudspeaker products. Every detail gets his attention.

Discovery Hifi

Kittikun Parinayok of Discovery Hifi is our dealer in Bangkok, Thailand.


Advance Audio

Advance Audio is our distributor for Australia and New Zealand. If you are a dealer in this region and interested in our brand, please contact Nigel Ng.

Audio Connection

Arthur Petrides runs the premium audio store Audio Connection in Sydney, Australia. Their flagship showroom houses some of the world’s best equipment at all price points. 

Indie Hi-Fi

In La Puente, Australia, Hugo Sharp runs a great shop that offers both high-end head-fi and speakers. He considers the MU1 an endgame solution.

Sound Gallery

Sound Gallery can be found in Melbourne, Australia. Main man John Ong is an audiophile with a deep love of music and 20 years of experience. His advice and service are first class.


American Sound of Canada

Based in Richmond Hill (ON), Canada, Angie Lisi provides Toronto area audiophiles and music lovers with the most extensive selection of high-end audio brands to be found in the city. American Sound of Canada can surely optimize your audio systems sound quality.

Audio by Mark Jones

Located in Ajax, Toronto area (ON) Canada, Audio by Mark Jones has satisfied his clients for over 34 years by offering an exceptional array of high-end two-channel components and sound advice. 


Philip Meyburgh has developed a keen sense of what the ‘real deal’ is in high-end audio. His shop Audiofi in Vancouver (BC), Canada, is filled with components that are carefully fashioned to build the most enjoyable of music systems.


RP Audio

Radim Pieknik of RP audio is our distributor in Czech and Slovak Republic.


Reinhard Weidinger of Hörzone is our distributor for hifi and pro audio in Germany and Austria.

Prestige Audio Diffusion

Marc Loubeau is our distributor for France, Monaco and Switzerland. If you are a hifi dealer in these regions and interested in our brand, please contact Marc.

Sound Design

In the United Kingdom, Sound Design takes care of our distribution. Interested dealers in the UK are requested to contact Andy Baker.

Athens Pro Audio

Chris Hatzistamou of Athens Pro Audio is our distributor for Greece.

Terrason Audio

Terrason Audio is our distributor for the Benelux. If you are a dealer in this region and interested in our brand, please contact Bert Bazuin.


Jaroslaw Orszanski is our distributor for Poland. If you are a dealer in this region and are interested in our brand, please contact him.

Audio Video shop

Audio Video shop is our distributor in Bucuresti for Romania. If you are a dealer in this region and interested in our brand, please contact Sorin Marele.


Audionord distributes our products in Scandinavia. If you are a dealer in this region and interested in our brand, please contact Leif Häggmark.


Audioperfect is your well known place for high end audio in Vienna, Austria. Robert Rothleitner and his team live with passion and enthusiasm for the art of sound.

New Music

New Music in Brussels, Belgium is the well known address for quality audio in the capital of Europe. José Loro invites you for a great demo of the MU1.

Noir & Blanc

For several decades Noir & Blanc has made an excellent reputation both for its seriousness and for the quality of its sound advice. Gregory De Prins welcomes you in Brussels, Belgium.


In the heart of Geneva, Switzerland Henri Feige welcomes you to his premiere audio shop Digistore. The MU1 is on demo.

B12 Musics

Well known for their great record collection, B12 Musics in Halle, Germany is also your destination for high quality audio equipment. Music always comes first for owner Andreas Müntner.

Claus Bücher Audio

In Taunusstein, Germany (near Frankfurt), Claus Bücher welcomes you to his shop that carries sonorous brands and components in the truest sense of the word.

Dr. Feickert Analogue

Well known for their turntables, Dr. Feickert Analogue also is your store for reference digital sources. Chris Feickert welcomes you in March-Buchheim, Germany.

Fink Fidelity

Fredi Fink runs Fink Fidelity in Wettenberg, Germany. He is convinced that good playback equipment makes the music come alive.

Lehr Audio Solutions

In Wiesbaden, Germany, Klaus Volker Lehr is not only known for his handcrafted cables, but also for offering high quality digital audio solutions.

Max Schlundt

Max Schlundt of Kultur Technik, Berlin, Germany, welcomes you “im Stilwerk” for a great demo of music and audio. LS1be on demo.

Ohrenschmaus Audio

In Esslingen, Germany, Uwe Prestel offers good audio advice, with an eye on your living room acoustics. 

The Sound of Science

Dominik Schumacher puts our LS1 first rank in Hamburg, Germany. Be sure to get great advice on sound and acoustics from him. LS1be on demo.

HiFi Mansion

Nick Litwin of HiFi Mansion is our dealer in Madrid, Spain mainland.

1877 Audio

Jean-Francois ORTH runs 1877 Audio in Genay, France, near Lyon. In the year 1877 audio started with Edison, the best possible result after 150 years can be heard in this wonderful shop. LS1be system on demo.

Exception Audio

In the beautiful sea side town Antibes, France, near Cannes and Nice, Alexandre Therond will offer a sophisticated demo to you.


In Allex, France Stefaan Strypsteen has a MU1 to go with his speaker and DAC systems.


Near Castres, France, Dominique Windeck runs hifi furniture manufacturer Woodlink, who also offer a careful selection of high quality audio brands. Very much worth a visit.

Analogue Seduction

In their 15th century manor house in Whittlesey, UK, Gary Penska and his collegues not only seduce you with high quality analogue playback, but with digital ones as well.


Jon Nelson runs a great Hifi store in Checkendon, UK. With his background in electronics and computer technology he can offer high quality service.

The Audio Barn

In Old Harlow, UK, Jack Satchfield runs The Audio Barn. His many customers rate his service as Excellent. Well worth a visit to hear the MU1.

Ultimate Stream

Steve Helliker offers a great service in Elstead, UK. He has a wonderful demo room and don’t forget to ask for his wine and music tips.

Winters Audio

In Thursford, UK the great Winters Audio shop of Siropas Rangphet can be found. Be sure to get a stunning MU1 demo here.


For more than 30 years l’Audiophile in Luxembourg is one of the premiere high end stores in Europe. Thierry Abondance, Guy Foetz and Marc Welter with their strong team welcome you for a great demo.

Sound Galleries

Geoffrey Armstrong of Sound Galleries takes care of our sales in Monaco.

Audio Expert

Near the famous Sint John cathedral of Den Bosch, The Netherlands, Peter van Tuyl and Ronnie Smits run their rewarded shop Audio Expert. You are more than welcome for a demo of the MU1. 


In the old town of Buren, The Netherlands, Caspar Bunge runs the remarkable Audio-Life shop. Live music is his reference. LS1be on demo.


In Doetinchem, The Netherlands, Dennis van Ligten has collected brands that best convey the emotion of the music. He offers great advice about how to assemble the best fitting system for your demands.


Peter van Reijmersdal runs Audiofrenzy in the beautiful city of Maastricht, The Netherlands. Here everything revolves around the music experience. With a MU1.

Ears Unlimited

Rick Buijs of Ears Unlimited in Delft, The Netherlands has a focus on high end headphone listening. The MU1 is his preferred source.


In Laren, The Netherlands, Jos Jansen specializes in high end computer and audio solutions. He offers our MU1 music player to that.

Hans Audio

Hans Veerman runs his eponymous shop Hans Audio in Hoorn, The Netherlands. Our MU1 is on demo here.

Headphone Auditions Amsterdam

Stefan Guertler welcomes you in his headphone walhalla in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Here you can enjoy the MU1 as source for the headphone DAC of your choice. LS1be on demo.

Hifi Solutions

Rick Oldersom and his partners run their wonderful shop in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They love to demo the MU1 to you.

iEar’ | Ultimate sound and vision

The iEar’ shop in Tilburg, The Netherlands has our MU1 on demo. Owner Freek van Ham and his team love to receive you in their large and well equipped High End audio store.

Lexicom Multimedia

In Leidschendam, The Netherlands, Lex Kersten has a broad offer of hifi and high end audio equipment with a focus on streaming. The MU1 is on demo here.

Listening Matters

Marc Bosman offers an excellent service in Den Haag, The Netherlands in the well treated demo room of Listening Matters. Customer focus is number one. LS1be on demo.

Magna Hifi

In Heilo, The Netherlands, Rob de Brouwer and Jos Schellevis run a shop with a carefully picked selection of components. The MU1 is among them.

Novus Audio

In the beautiful town of Kampen, The Netherlands, you can audition the MU1 in the great Novus Audio studio of Bernd van Hal.

Pura Audio

Roel Derckx specializes in ‘pure passion’ with active loudspeakers, combined with the MU1. The beautiful demo house of Pura Audio is located in Vijlen, The Netherlands. LS1be on demo.


Harry van Daalen and Michael van Polen welcome you for a demo in their new premises in Overlangel, The Netherlands.

Sights & Sounds

In the beautiful town Zutphen, The Netherlands, the enthusiastic Eric Kooistra invites you for a great demo of the MU1 in his hifi store Sights & Sounds.

Sound Gallery

Arthur Erenst welcomes you at Sound Gallery in Groningen, The Netherlands, for a great MU1 demo in their well known facility.

Uw hifi choice

This shop lives to its name, there is a large choice in Soest, The Netherlands. Mark Haringsma loves to let you hear why the MU1 receives all the great reviews.

Duet Audio

Duet Audio is our HiFi dealer in Oslo, Norway (Erik Becklund) and Bergen, Norway (Martin Aadland).

Planeta Dźwięku

Planeta Dźwięku is a wonderful store in Warszawa, Poland, with offerings in all price classes. Love for music and great commitment makes Martyna Gąsiorowska and his team excellent specialists.

Perfect Sense

Marcus Fordal of Perfect Sense welcomes you in his wonderful large showroom in Stockholm, Sweden.

ProTiRa Audio

Timotej Rakusa runs a great shop with a carefully selected range of high quality products. Please feel welcome in Maribor, Slovenia.

Middle East

High-End Dubai

Aernoud Dekker of High-End Dubai distributes our products in the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC).


Cinemart is our distributor for Israel. Dan Nagar is happy to help interested dealers and customers.

South America

Cone Audio

Fernando Alvim Richard of Cone Audio is our distributor for Brazil.

United States

Grimm Audio North America

John-Paul Lizars of Grimm Audio is your contact for dealer inquiries in the United States and Canada. Please send an email to info@grimmaudio.com.

AAudio Imports

Located in Dana Point (CA), US, Brian Ackerman’s Aaudio Imports offers a demo facility that has been tuned with meticulous attention. One of your best choices in Southern California.

analog audio

In Wayzata, near Minneapolis (MN), US, you find a wonderful shop called Analog Audio, that also sells great digital audio. Paul Blizel will show you the way in both domains. 

Atelier 13 Audio

Hailing from The Music City, Nashville (TN), US, is Atelier 13 Audio where one can audition a collection of fascinating audio systems, carefully assembled by Constantin Gregg-Saag.

Audio Archon

Mike Kay runs Audio Archon in Libertyville, (IL), US since 2004. His mission is to provide the ultimate audio experience in a home environment through innovative and attainable products.

Audio Connection

In the Northern New Jersey town of Verona, (NJ) US, the expert staff of John Rutan’s Audio Connection provides unparalleled service and support for their tri-state area customers. 

Audio Elation

In Florence (MT), US, John and Karen Grasso run their shop Audio Elation for more than two decades. Their goal is to provide musically satisfying systems that connect the listener to the artist or musicians.

Audio Surroundings

Kirk Lesiacsek in Alpharetta (GA), US, and Eric Love in Boca Raton (FL), US, partner under the umbrella Audio Surroundings. Customer satisfaction is high on their agenda.

AV Luxury Group

Thomas Kiss and his AV Luxury team run a great shop in Las Vegas (NV), US. Based on a long time experience they deliver home technology solutions from concept to calibration.

CMB Integrations

Bruce Sinclair runs CMB Integrations in Lexington (SC), US. His focus is on high-end digital DSP audio systems for performance oriented home theaters and stereo or multi-channel music. Here you can assemble your ultimate dream entertainment center.

Distinctive Stereo

In River Vale (NJ), US, former audio journalist Larry Borden has set up a beautiful sound room. His goal is to connect you with the music that touches your heart, mind, and soul.

Don Better Audio

Don Better offers a high-end audio dealership in a real room with real world furnishings in Shaker Heights (OH), US. Since he is a trained jazz musican, it is a treat to receive a demo at this place.

Elevation Sight and Sound

Located in Park City (UT), US, Elevation Sight and Sound has over 25 years of experience in the high-end audio business. Paul Jenkins is passionate about music and the audio components that he has carefully selected to represent.

Ellington Hifi

Tony Barnette runs Ellington HiFi in Fairhope (AL), US. His systems are displayed in a comfortable home-like setting ensuring the sound you hear in the showroom translates well into your own living space.

Farnsworth Audio

Michael Farnsworth is not an average audiophile and Farnsworth Audio in Draper (UT), US, is not your typical hifi shop. Here is where you’ll find carefully selected high-performance audio systems demonstrated in a home-like setting. For an experience not soon to be forgotten, book an appointment with Michael.


Located in Nashua (NH), US, Fidelis is arguably New England’s premier high-end audio boutique. The staff at Fidelis are bonafide experts when it comes to system design and component synergy, so each selection can bring beautiful music into your life on a daily basis.

GTT Audio & Video

In Long Valley (NJ), US, Bill Parish runs his highly reputed shop GTT Audio & Video. High End audio with huge performance impact is what he sells.

Hi-End Theater & Audio

In Richardson (TX), US, Vu Phan and his team offer full service installs for home theater and high end audio. Their hallmarks are meticulous attention to detail, high quality components, and fine craftsmanship.

HiFi Loft

Located in both Glenn Falls and New York City (NY), US, HiFi Loft is your destination for high-performance audio brands of merit and distinction. Owner Jason Tavares is well known for his product knowledge, customer support and setup skill.

Icon Luxury Sound

Icon Luxury Sound in Houston (TX), US, focuses on the creation of two-channel audio systems like no one else. Each day Icon Luxury Sound redefines what is possible in the faithful reproduction of music for your listening pleasure.

Kyomi Audio

A place dedicated to audio and music of the highest quality: Kyomi Audio in Addison, near Chicago (IL), US. George Vatchnadze is ready to offer you a great demo.

Liquid Hi-Fi

Liquid Hi-Fi is the source in the Carolinas for exceptional audio components and expert advice. Located in Indian Land, (SC) US, Ron Buffington’s audio salon is dedicated to let you hear music as it was intended to.

Music Lovers Audio

Established in the late 1980’s, Music Lovers Audio is the premiere location for high end audio in Berkeley and San Francisco (CA), US. Jae Wheeler and Hugh Fountain aim for a long term relationship with their customers. 

NVS Sound

Nathan Vander Stoep at NVS Sound in Littleton (CO), US, brings a unique artistic sensitivity to his approach towards system design. The accurate reproduction of a musical event is paramount. 

Optimal Enchantment

Located in the beautiful beach city of Santa Monica (CA), US, is a high-end audio store unlike any other. Randy Cooley’s point of view on audio system design has never wavered. He keeps it simple, elegant and above all musical.

Sonare Coeli

Nigel Bousfield loves to invite you to his listening room in Oconomowoc (WI), US. Sonare Coeli offers a carefully picked catalog of analog and digital products.

Sound Sanctuary Austin

Austin (TX), US, has a premier audio shop called Sound Sanctuary Austin. Glenn Mierendorf has created an acoustically correct environment for the enjoyment of music and a showcase for audio art. 

Take 5 Audio

Connecticut’s premier high-end audio provider, run by Bob Carissimi. Located in Middlebury (CT), US, this is southern New England’s destination for the most exclusive brands in home entertainment. 

The Analog Shop

Robert W. Lietz runs a beautiful shop in Victor (NY), US. As the name of his shop implies, he loves the sound of great analog, which only the best digital can match.

The Audio Association

Located in Anaheim (CA), US, The Audio Association has created a focused high-end audio demonstration space for Orange County audiophiles. Ed Sudario and staff are knowledgable in the all areas of acoustics, system design and component selection. 

The Voice That Is

In Broomall, near Philadelphia (PA), US, Doug White runs the great boutique high end audio shop The Voice That Is. He loves a ’natural sound’, just like us.

THX Stereo

Located in Manor (TX), US, just north of Austin is THX Stereo. Thomas Vu and his team of audio video specialists offer a broad selection of premium A/V brands to their clients making the selection of a quality home entertainment system effortless.

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