Hifi Review: LS1a is product of the year

In their “most outstanding audio equipment” issue, Hongkong magazine Hifi Review looks back at last years’ product reviews and declares the LS1a as a must have. Reviewer Archimedes Chan writes:

“I played many different tracks on the LS1a’s with colleague Janet, and we could not find one album that was not perfectly well reproduced. This speaker really conveys the characteristics of all sorts of productions, without any trace of distortion or colouration. The LS1a’s ability to transfer dynamics, energy, contrast, details, and smoothness is excellent.

When ignoring its flagship brother LS1be for a moment (since it is three times more expensive), the LS1a impresses the listener with its versatile and faithful performance. For the price you get three independent DACs per channel (one is reserved for subwoofer), pre-amplifiers with built-in volume control, dual mono power-amplifiers and speaker drivers. If your greatest pleasure is not playing the equipment, but listening to music, the LS1a is a real shortcut and a very cost-effective investment.”

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“It impresses with its versatile and faithful performance.”

Archimedes Chan, Hifi Review
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