Women at hifi shows

Herb Reichert wrote an interesting blog for Stereophile Magazine about his visit to the Grimm Audio room at the High End Munich last week. It is about women in audio and the EU versus US audiophile. Please enjoy:

“I mentioned at the beginning of this Munich 2018 tale how European taste in high-end audio differs from the American viewpoint. What I forgot to mention was how different the audience is. American audiophiles are at least 95% men. At American audio shows, you will see some wives touring the rooms with their husbands but rarely will you see women alone and pro-actively auditioning components for purchase. Here in Munich, I saw numerous solo women pro-actively enjoying the hi-fi fare and even, a few female-female couples. One of these couples came into the Grimm Audio room, and sat down in the exact perfect sweet spot. After one or two song selections, the couple switched places—so the other could experience the sound from the seat of perfect focus. Who’s ever seen that in America?

At one point, Guido Tent, owner of Grimm Audio, was playing Rammstein and everyone’s head was bopping. Besides the two young women, the room was filled with young fit men in tight shirts. (Who’s seen that in America?) All this unusual fun was provided by Grimm Audio’s middle model, the 40,000 Euro LS1 with a LS1s-dmf Sub Bass Unit. The LS1s are completely self-powered and feature a built-in DAC. The sound was detailed and powerfully invigorating. (Undoubtedly, Grimm Audio’s lively vigorous sound contributed to the diversity of its audience.). The women and fit youngsters stayed for several long songs and looked as relaxed and happy to be there as I was.”

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