Grimm Audio sponsors UNIFONY

Grimm Audio has signed a sponsor contract with Minco Eggersman and Theodoor Borger for their ‘UNIFONY’ project. Grimm Audio believes that the chain of equipment and media between the music producers and consumers should become transparent, so that the listener can enjoy music like it was sonically intended. To share their dedication to music, Grimm Audio decided to present selected music projects to their audience, and let the general audience learn about Grimm Audio and their goal. With ‘UNIFONY’ Grimm Audio lays the first stone of this project, and it is a very special one.

Minco Eggersman is artist and composer of movie sound tracks as well as solo albums, Theodoor Borger is musician and sound engineer (relying on Grimm Audio equipment for much of their work). When they decided to create this special series featuring famous and befriended musicians, the ball started rolling. Norwegian trumpet player Mathias Eick, well known for his ECM albums, agreed to join this special project that is about creating new music based on sounds rather than notes.

UNIFONY artwork by James Marsh

Eelco Grimm with Minco Eggersman and Theodoor Borger, celebrating their cooperation with a beer brewed by Minco

After the recordings were finished, Phill Brown (of Talk Talk fame – and many more) was so inspired that he could not resist to return to the studio and do one more album mix. That helped to convince famous mastering engineer Bob Ludwig to do the mastering. And to wrap it all up, graphical designer James Marsh (again Talk Talk) made beautiful artwork.

This whole project breathes dedication to the art of music and attention to details. It is perfectly suited to demonstrate Grimm Audio’s intentions. On October 12th, the first UNIFONY album will have its release, the second track ’Hunt’ just saw its pre-release, after ‘Ascend’ last spring.

For more information: UNIFONY.