Meet Bryn Richards, our new director of sales and marketing

We are delighted to introduce to you Bryn Richards, our new director of sales and marketing. With his incredible energy and sparkling character he already brought a big smile on our faces in the first week that he works for us.

Bryn is a musician, composer, sound engineer and audio fanatic. He is interested in many aspects of the audio world, from recording and production to hi-fi and home cinema. Bryn has held senior sales and marketing positions throughout his life in the audio world. After completing a masters’ degree in marketing and his many years in the industry Bryn brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasms to this role at Grimm Audio. 

Bryn: “I have been following Grimm Audio for quite some time and built up a strong admiration for the people, products and ethos of the company. I dove on the opportunity to join the Grimm Audio family as quick as I could.”

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