TPR selected for car racing games

Dynamedion anechoic room car recordings with TPR 1

The European market leader for Game Audio Dynamedion from Mainz, Germany, sent us some amazing pictures of a very special sound effects recordings session.

To record car engine sounds in the cleanest possible way, they rented a huge anechoic room and brought in a selection of super cars and motor cycles. 90 m of TPR cable made sure the sound was captured without coloration.

The result can be enjoyed in many games such as Gravel – Milestone S.r.l., Ride 3 – Milestone S.r.l., Monsters Energy Supercross – Milestone S.r.l., The Crew 2 – Ivory Tower (Ubisoft), DR!FT – Sturmkind, PUBG – PUBG Cooperation (Bluehole) and Forza Horizon 4 (Playground Games / Microsoft).

Dynamedion is also famed for their work on the sound effects and source sound library Boom Library.

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Sound Designer Benjamin Drumeaux of Dynamedion