Wisseloord specifies TPR

Ronald Prent

Ronald Prent, creative director of Wisseloord Studios, was so impressed by our TPM cable that the suggestion by Eelco Grimm to develop an affordable model with similar attributes excited him immediately. In March 2011 Ronald Prent reports:

“When I heard Grimm TPM, I was amazed by the unbelievably accurate phantom center. It sat rock solid in the middle of the stereo image and was so narrow that it seemed as if the center speaker was on. TPM’s performance is sonically unpreceded, it rocked my world. Unfortunately it is too expensive to use in large lengths. So I was thrilled to find out if Grimm Audio was able to get similar performance for a more affordable price.

We performed the test of TPR at ‘The Saint of Sound’ mastering studio and when we changed from the studio’s standard cable to a trial run of the new TPR, everybody was stunned. Again I heard the impressive stereo image. It put a smile on my face because I realized that this quality was now within reach for all wiring in Wisseloord. It would make the studio sound like never before.

A facility is as good as its weakest link and by using TPR the cables are not a weak link anymore. We will be able to transport audio throughout the whole building while preserving it’s original quality all the way from the microphone to the analog and digital media.”

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Ronald Prent
Ronald Prent of Wisseloord Studios