6Moons: SB1 has truly ace performance

Srajan Ebaen, editor of of 6Moons, checked out a pair of SB1 DMF subs in both of his listening rooms and took his readers on a vibrant journey with his review. Since the SB1 is designed to be used with an external crossover, integrating them into his system took some effort. But it was worth it:

“Being the norm, our hearing has long since adapted to sloppy bass. It’s in its fortuitous absence that desire for better is recognized then realized. Now we hear a fringe benefit which turns out to be anything but fringe. As our bass improves to move away from the ‘drone-cone’ effect, so does the rest of our bandwidth benefit. There’s less haze overlaying it, less blur, bloat and noise. Some swamp drains. Improve what happens down low and what’s higher up can’t help but improve with it. As below so above.

The SB1 are that sort of sub. They raise our listening IQ. We hear more and do so more easily, in areas that have nothing to do with bass though of course the bass is included. (…) Because of it one needn’t crank the volume. Excellent visibility starts already at the bottom of its range. Perhaps that’s actually the biggest benefit of all?”

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“The SB1s raise our listening IQ”

Srajan Ebaen, 6Moons
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