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LS1 review 6Moons

The well known internet hifi magazine 6Moons has reviewed our LS1 with LS1s subwoofer set. Marja Vanderloo & Henk Boot auditioned them in their large listening room and became impressed.

Their summary: “In the audiophile arena the LS1/LS1s operates in a class of one. For those looking after the exact sound of a recording, the Grimm solution cannot be beat. For the asking price one gets a ’guaranteed’ system with minimal tweakability and no guess work. Music played is what it is, not ‘photoshopped’, beautified or compromised.”

Which leads in their conclusion to: “With a Grimm system all the permanent unrest that comes with the hobby goes on hold. A great substitute for the terminal hardware anxiety becomes an equally obsessive hunt for software, be it CDs, LPs or DLs (downloads) from all over.”

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