Hi-fi Voice: MU2 is fascinating

The Czech online audio magazine Hi-fi Voice published a long MU2 review. Thanks to modern translation services everybody can enjoy the great story of Daniel Březina. We offer you his concluding paragraph below. 

“The Grimm Audio MU2 is one of the most authentic yet least technical devices we’ve ever had. (…) It doesn’t show any gaudy emotions, nor any cold detachment, it sounds brilliantly accurate, but with calmness and reserve.

Grimm Audio has an excellent development team, full of people who have helped define “digital”, and it shows. Their handling of digital signals is top notch, and quite unlike anyone else’s work. The new all-rounder MU2 is fascinating – it has so many functions and options, it is so practical, yet so compact and easy to use. It works excellently as a Roon core with built-in storage for a large collection; it has a great preamplifier with the precision of lossless digital controls, but without their sonic indifference; the converter reveals an amazing amount of detail, and most importantly, it all works naturally as a whole. 

The sound of the MU2 is not characterized by any specific characteristic. On the contrary, it seems to remove anything that would hinder the recording from standing out in its full potential. The MU2 is very analytical, but without a hint of technical austerity. If you love to get as close as possible to your recordings, it offers you a totally clear magnifying glass. But most of all, the MU2 is the benchmark of honest neutrality.”

Daniel Březina offered the MU2 the ‘Hi-fi Voice Reference Award’.

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“The MU2 is the benchmark of honest neutrality.”

Daniel Březina, Hi-fi Voice, Czech Republic.