Hifi Review: LS1a in one word: “Accurate”

We were very happy to read a wonderful review in the Hong Kong magazine Hifi Review of our LS1a loudspeaker, the affordable member of the LS1 family. Our aim with this speaker is to offer a system that has many of the strong points of the LS1 design, at a much lower price level. It is great to see that journalist Archimedes Chan recognized these values.

“Together with my friend Janet, I listened to the LS1a playing various music styles. The LS1a speaker conveyed the characteristics of all the recordings very well and I couldn’t find any traces of coloration. It will not make the original recording more beautiful, nor worse. One can hear all elements of the sound stage, in a well balanced way – it will not put any focus on certain parts or characters of the mix. 

The LS1a is a very versatile and complete system. Each speaker has a built-in three-way DAC (one of which is reserved for subwoofers), two separate power amplifiers, and its own volume control. So for the price you receive a complete system, with DAC, pre-amp, power amp and speakers. If your biggest pleasure is not to play with the gear, but to enjoy listening to music, the LS1a is a direct shortcut and a very cost-effective investment.”

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“I couldn’t find any traces of coloration”

Archimedes Chan, Hifi Review
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