HVT: MU2, the final frontier?

Dutch hifi journalist John van der Veer wrote a feature article about the MU2 for HVT, Hifi.nl and the Dutch Year Book 2024 of hifi.nl and HVT.

John starts with describing his findings with Grimm Audio products, like the MU1: “Never knew that digital shortcomings could be restrained to such level that a purely analog experience remains.”

Then he writes about his experience at MU2 demonstrations, like when he heard a CD track of famous Dutch jazz drummer Han Bennink. “It sounded as if the tireless genius was giving an encore at the Artone Studio in Haarlem, where the MU2 demonstration took place.” He mentions a few other tracks and ends with: “The final conclusion has to be that the MU2 is the very best that my ears have heard to this date when it comes to (streaming) DACs. (…) The analogue experience again came closer. I am curious for two things: how will the competition respond? And what will be the next step of this wondrous company that already managed to realise so many wonders?”

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“The very best that my ears have heard to this date.”

John van der Veer, hifi.nl and HVT
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