LS1s-dmf subs wow mix engineer

Studio Spoor 14 of Wessel Oltheten

Mix and mastering engineer (and teacher, journalist and author of the impressive book “Mixing with Impact”) Wessel Oltheten is a long time LS1 user. He asked to test the new LS1s-dmf sub in his studio. Soon his comment arrived: “These subs are insane! It took me 30 seconds to decide I had to buy them. Authoritative, open, tight, life-like, in one word: wow!”

Later he added: “These subs make it much easier to judge whether there is enough harmonic content in the bass. Many speakers give the impression your bass is warm enough, but you’re misguided by their distortion. If you then hear your mix on other speakers that don’t go that low, your mix sounds bleak. With the DMF sub I never run that risk again. Skipping through my portfolio, I can hear clearly why some of them worked wonderful outside the studio and some didn’t. I’m sure this tool will safe me from mistakes like that. And it works at low playback levels too! And as a bonus, the mid range is smoother and more detailed than ever, probably due to less masking. I could not ask for more.”

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Studio Spoor 14 of Wessel Oltheten